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LoudDoor is on Fast Company's top 13 Bold Marketing Moves to Try In 2013

Forget Michael Porter, Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki--if you’re in search of fresh marketing guidance for 2013, then perhaps you should consider a new source. Someone who can help you rectify the dichotomy of abundant data and scant insights and the paradox of ever-expanding media options with the purely finite nature of time. Someone like...Mick Jagger. Read More >>


Q&A with Jeff French, Founder of LoudDoor

Jeff French, Founder and Chairman of Louddoor spoke at MediaPost’s recent Social Media Insider Summit way up in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  I thought he had a lot of really interesting things to say about social media data mining so I followed up with this interview.  Louddoor’s secret sauce is that they have a 50 million strong Facebook user database that gives them terrific insights into user behavior that marketers can then leverage–I think you’ll find what Jeff has to say quite enlightening. Read More >>


How to Increase Your EdgeRank in Facebook

Facebook posts are not all created equal. If you're in business, and you're using Facebook to develop a community of long-term customers who will bring you repeat business, you've got to learn to make posts that, well, mean business. I spoke with Jeff French, CEO and Founder of LoudDoor, to learn more about the concept of "EdgeRank" and how it influences whether or not your friends will actually see your Facebook posts. Read More >>


LoudDoor Helps Clients Reach Ideal Customers Through Facebook Ads

Recently I chatted with Jeff French, the co-founder of LoudDoor, a leading research and targeting platform company, to learn more about their company.  Mr. French has worked in the digital space for about 12 years as he has worked as the CEO of AdDrive for 8 years, NetBank for about a year, and PwC for about 2 years.  LoudDoor started in 2007 around the same time that Facebook’s Developer Graph launched. Read More >>


Social Media Case Study: Insert Gamer

Insert Gamer was looking to further penetrate into the social media arena and build their internet gaming network (IGN).  Facebook specifically, they were looking to significantly increase their fan base with qualified consumers. Read More >>


The 6,224-Foot View Of Social Media

Sometimes you just have to get high to achieve clarity. Or at least that’s what I told myself as I ascended 6,224 feet to Lake Tahoe for the Social Media Insider Summit last week. And, true to form, this elevated event not only met my lofty expectations, but it also revealed five somewhat surprising, if not pristine, truths about social media. Read More >>


Social Tactics from iStrategy

iStrategy 2012 at SFO featured illustrious speakers in the field of digital marketing and social media.  There was something for everybody to learn with the two days packed with keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops. iContact’s Geoff Alexander conducted a workshop called “Integrated Email Marketing,” which offered critical tips and case studies from the real world. Read More >>


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