The most disruptive market research innovation since the telephone.

LoudDoor Revolution is a disruptive market research platform that enables a new class of data intelligence by using the social graph to sample consumers you can't reach anywhere else while leveraging the interest graph to unlock consumer insights you've never seen before.

Revolution's three primary tools can be used independently to address specific needs or used in conjunction to answer your most complex questions.


The social intelligence data layer you've been waiting for.

We develop a relationship with our panelists from social sites and applications built on comprehensive disclosures of how their survey responses will be used combined with our pledge to protect their identity and keep all findings anonymous.

Relationships built on trust give our panelists the confidence to let us use their anonymized likes and interests to create a new layer of social data that transforms survey results into actionable marketing intelligence.

This data will give you unprecedented insights into the people behind your check boxes and radio buttons. Do you need a deeper understanding of consumers responding a certain way to a key question? Use LikeMatch to uncover their favorite TV shows, music, athletes, leisure activities and much more. With LikeMatch you will know more than you ever thought possible about the people that matter most to your business.

LikeMatch data obviously pays off through better ad targeting but it also enables insights and marketing teams to understand their target audiences better than ever before and make more informed decisions at all levels of brand strategy.


The first research solution to truly harness the power of social data.

We leverage social websites and applications to execute your research projects better, cheaper and faster. Simply load your survey, define your sample frame and start collecting results in minutes. Analyze results in our proprietary dashboard or export your data for your own analysis using virtually any application.

Graph Survey features a seamless social integration that enables sample recruitment and validation while also adding a social intelligence layer to your survey results using anonymized opt-in data from respondents precise likes and interests.

Graph Survey has changed market research forever and once you try it you'll wonder how you ever conducted a study without it.


The world's largest brand advocacy study.

We conduct over 1 million Likelihood-to-Recommend surveys every month that begin by asking people how likely they are to recommend the brands they like or follow to a friend or colleague. From there, the study dives deeper and collects a robust set of self-reported demographic, attitudinal and behavioral insights on all panelists.

This monthly research enables syndicated data coverage for over 10,000 of the world's leading brands. LoudDoor Revolution puts the power of these insights at your fingertips with virtually unlimited cross tabulation and data mining capabilities.

Follow and track the brands you care about and get updated results every month and deploy your own custom questions into the monthly omnibus tracker to uncover anything you need to know.

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