LoudDoor combines the largest consumer research survey of its kind with the opt-in social data of each participant. Our research covers every viable industry segment as well as consumer attitudes and behaviors relative to 10,000 of the world’s leading brands. Our Platform makes it easy to analyze the results and make them actionable.

LoudDoor enables a new class of predictive insights that unlock the massive potential of the social graph. Whether you are searching for insights on a new target audience or unlocking the social connections and affinities of existing customer segments, we make strategic decisions simple and intuitive. In fact, many decisions that previously took days of analysis will become obvious almost instantly.

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We deliver on the promise of unlocking how the American consumer thinks,
feels and behaves relative to your brand, product and industry.

LoudDoor’s data comes from the largest consumer survey of its kind. With a respondent pool of over 500,000 U.S. consumers, we can bring the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of any audience segment to life with rich, easy to understand insights. Our evergreen survey process allows you to always base your decisions on the latest intelligence.

We unlock insights on over a million distinct attributes, including:

Major traditional and emerging digital platform usage and tune-in.

Over-indexing keywords for reaching lookalikes of audience segments with digital ads.

Syndicated purchase behavior and attitudes 40+ industry verticals.

Custom research capabilities for brands who are interested in diving deeper into their ideal audience segments.

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Custom Research:

We know you frequently have custom audience segments and strategic questions that don’t fit neatly into predefined categories. LoudDoor is uniquely positioned to conduct custom research studies by sampling any audience that matters to you. Need to understand how visitors to your website compare to your target consumer? Want to know the affinities and media consumption habits of customers in a particular CRM file? Let us compare your audience to any other target audience or consumer segment in the LoudDoor Platform. We can customize research on your target audience and have it deployed instantly with results available in as little as 24 hours.

Social Data

Our data is made actionable by patent-pending technology that analyzes the social graph of audience segments in our syndicated or custom research studies that you are most interested in and determines what makes these people different from their peer group.

Understanding how the interests and media consumption (TV, Music, Digital, etc.) of your target audience differ from their peer group allows you to create marketing strategies and campaigns that will resonate better and deliver your desired business outcomes. You’ll also have a better understanding of how to place or inform media buys to reach your target audience with greater precision and efficiency.

Move from insight to action. Even if your agency or brand uses an alternate source of consumer data, align those segments with the Platform audience segments and let us illuminate the wealth of information available to you in the social graph. LoudDoor does not stop at the one-dimensional reporting of consumer research; we show you how to reach more of your ideal audience with the right message!

The Platform

Fully utilizing research and large amounts of data has always been difficult. You can quickly find yourself buried in spreadsheets struggling to uncover meaningful results, let alone make them actionable.

The LoudDoor Platform was built from the ground up with busy brand and agency professionals in mind. We know you need reliable answers delivered quickly and efficiently and we are fanatical about making our research results easy to use and highly actionable. This objective served as the development foundation of our entire Platform.

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